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Boeing 737 Technical Guide  

Introducing Chris Brady's Boeing 737 Technical Guide.

"The most practical and comprehensive guide to the Boeing 737 available today." Great for understanding the systems.

Ideal for pilots, engineers or anyone interested in the aircraft.

This book takes you right from the original concept that lead Boeing to design the 737 through its 40 year evolution, in language that is easily understood. It looks at each system in turn, supported by over 500 high resolution photographs, diagrams and schematics, placing each system component in context. It collates information from many different sources and combines over 15 years of the authors own flying experiences to lead the reader through the 737 from radome to tailcone. This book takes you beyond the flight deck on a grand tour of the worlds' most prolific airliner in a way that is as relevant to the type rating candidate as it is to a company Fleet Technical Captain. To complete the picture, the book also contains Pilots notes, a detailed guide to airtesting and the accident history of the type, which serve to make this book the most practical and comprehensive technical guide to the 737 available today.

The bulk of the book is devoted to system descriptions. These are short, easy to understand, plain English explanations, covering all aspects of the aircraft inside and out. Schematics are used where necessary to illustrate complex systems.

This chapter is quite unique in aircraft guides. The author uses his considerable experience in the field of airworthiness flight testing to write authoritatively about this little documented and fascinating subject. Again it is well illustrated and filled with lots of previously unpublished material. For those involved in airtesting the book is worth getting just for this chapter.


The book has had favourable reviews in most of the worlds English speaking aviation publications. It has even attracted accolades from Boeing test pilots.

Comments include:

"The benumbing effects of a technical manual are difficult for a writer to mitigate but Chris Brady has created an interesting reading experience with "The Boeing 737 Technical Guide." Captain Brady, a Boeing 737 maintenance test pilot for Europe's easyJet Airlines, not only beautifully describes the technical aspects of each model of the 737 but a chronicle of the aircraft as well.
At the conclusion of the manual the reader will not only have enjoyed their journey through a very interesting book but also have a good understanding of the technical operation of the 737, "large" aircraft systems design, and a thorough knowledge of the history of the world's best selling airliner."
Airways Magazine

"You are to be commended on the what is the finest book on any aircraft that I have seen. I am amazed by the depth of knowledge this book contains. I only wish I had it when I went to training on the 737 at US Airways!"
Capt H, JetBlue Airways


Boeing 737 Technical Guide
Boeing 737 Technicalů
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